Animate your Craion AI images in 2 min

May 17, 2023

🖍 by Hugo

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Learn how to make cute animations with your Craion AI characters!

Step 1: Generate a character

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Hey friends 👋

This tutorial is inspired by this post, we will use only free tools to make our little animation so let's go!

First, we need a cool character hehe. We will pick this sweet mecha generated in Craion AI. We noticed the final animation is slightly better if the character is not a perfect face view but kind of little side view! The prompt for this one is simple: "Mecha character, white background", we will also use the 'Art' style. You can generate your mecha with this setup here .

Step 2: Import your character in Metademolab

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Now we need to animate out mecha, don't worry this is 100% automatic, no animation skills required! We will use Metademolab which is a free tool to convert drawing into cute animations! paint the canvas in metademolab Rig the character in metademolab character animation demo

Just follow the steps: first we need to upload the image into Metademolab, then we have to correct the image shape and adjust rigging. Then press 'Next' and that's it! You can play around some cool animations like walking or dancing for your character! 🕺

Hope you found this little tutorial useful and keep expressing your creativity with Craion AI!

Cheers! 👋

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